My offers

Translation: I’ll gladly translate your English book into German. A translation costs 7 € per page. Also, I won’t only translate the text, but also edit it once. Still, I recommend to have the manuscript subsequently checked by a German-speaking editor – as is also common practice in publishing houses.

Translation proofreading: In addition to translations, I offer a translation proofreading service. This service includes a thorough review of a book that has been translated from English to German. In doing so, I make sure that everything has been translated correctly – in terms of idioms, content, etc. I also check the text for stylistic readability and, of course, grammatical errors that can creep in during a translation. Translation proofreading takes place in one go. This service costs 4 € per page.

My genres

I work with books of the genres fantasy and romance – and all their subgenres.

My references

Since 2020 I work as an editor, which is my dream job since I was 12. But even though I love my job, I realised, that I don’t want to focus only on the German language. And because I love English and practice in my daily life, I decided to also offer translations from English to German. But what kind of qualifications do I have? Well …

  • a Bachelor of Arts in German and Japanese
  • a Master of Arts in journalism
  • experiences in working with publishing houses (as an employee and as an author)
  • my own book publishings
  • and my happy clients

If you’re interested in working with me, send me an e-mail to and we’ll figure something out!

I usually answer within a day – please check your spam folder as well!